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Love • Sleep • Thrive

What does being fully rested feel like? 


Let me help you and your family remember, today!  

Well rested children are happier

Well rested families are too!

Are you exhausted or overwhelmed?  Are you unsure where to turn for an effective, step-by-step solution? 
Your child has the natural, biological ability to sleep well.  I help families transform this potential into reality.  
Does your child wake repeatedly during the night?  Does your little one need you every time she wakes?  Are naps unpredictable and short?  Let's face it - the sleep books don't work for every situation and what worked for your friend likely won't work for you.  I'm a parent too and I understand the struggle.  
That's why I'm here. 
With my custom program, I offer easy to follow guidance to help your family get back to sleep.  
How would it feel if you AND your child were sleeping through the night in as little as three weeks?   Did you know that YOUR CHILD is capable of sleeping 10-12 consecutive hours? By about 4 months of age this is a very realistic expectation.  It's not magic - it's based on science and consistency.
Tens of thousands of families benefit from The Sleep Sense™ Method and wish they had found me sooner!  We can solve this together.  If you are like me, you are too exhausted to piece together a plan on your own in hopes that "this will be the one".    We can simplify your life and get you sleeping.  Right.  Now.  
Are you sitting there thinking, "this sounds good, but....": 
It's Too Good to Be True
My Baby Will Never Stop Crying
We Can't Afford It
My Husband Won't Let Me
Our Bond Will Be Broken
My Milk Will Dry Up
My Baby Will Grow Out of It 
I Can Do This - We Can Handle the Pain
Please do yourself a kindness and schedule a no obligation Discovery Call.   
I am invested in helping you get the sleep you need so that your family can thrive together! 
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You Can Expect To
  • Teach your child to fall asleep independently
  • Remain emotionally connected with your child
  • Continue your breastfeeding relationship
  • Have a custom plan that works well for your unique situation
  • Establish 10-12 hours of independent sleep at night
  • Learn strategies to decrease night wakings
  • Wean night feedings (or bring them to an appropriate developmental level)
  • Establish an earlier bedtime - providing quality time for parents & enough sleep for baby
  • Create a healthy, dependable nap schedule
  • Learn strategies to handle potential setbacks (travel, regressions, nap transitions, time changes)
Custom Consultations are Available for:
Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant
Certified Lactation Counselor

Member of the APSC & IACSC

Sleep Sense has been featured on:

5 Year Old 

“When we found Sara, we were going to bed with our 5 year old every night.  Lying down with him, reading, telling stories and singing.  Bedtime often took over an hour.  And, we would argue about who was going to do it.  With Sara we adopted a routine that slimmed down this process, empowered our son and improved his sleep.  We still have a connected bedtime with him, but now we can say goodnight and leave the room while he falls asleep."

—  Ginger C.