Expecting Parents

The Prenatal Program

Planning for a baby is exciting!  Families primarily focus on preparing for the birth and the space for baby.  In my experience, not much thought goes into what will happen AFTER baby arrives. The Prenatal Program is invaluable because the efforts you make in those first few months will help your baby achieve consolidated sleep sooner and more easily than if you try to go it alone.
Newborn babies (until at least 3 months) need to eat often and don’t normally sleep through the night.  What I will teach you is not sleep training, but is a healthy sleep plan to get you on the right track as your baby grows.
Also, it makes a GREAT baby shower gift!
What's Included:
  • A Private Video Consultation (Zoom) - 60 Minutes:  With the expecting parents to discuss effective strategies for the first 12 weeks of life. 
  • Custom Sleep Plan: This plan will help you establish some healthy habits from the beginning.  It will be emailed to you before our phone consultation for your reference. 
  • 3 Follow Up Emails: In the first 12 weeks of life to help with further clarification and to answer questions.
Investment: $150
I offer in-home consultations in certain areas for an additional fee.  This includes a nursery assessment.
Note: This is a great gift for anyone who is expecting a baby.  Whether first time parents or with existing children, your friends and family will benefit from this support.

Custom Support

Together we can gently and safely teach your child to get the sleep needed for healthy development.  Extensive research exists on the importance of sleep and: brain development, ability to learn, growth, immune development, cell repair, heart health, mood stabilization, behavior, anxiety, over activity, obesity, (and the list goes on).  Rarely are babies naturally good sleepers. They have a high need for care when we welcome them into our lives. Loving parents work tirelessly to create a positive foundation. In these efforts, we unintentionally create habits for our children that don’t set them up for successful, independent sleep.  The sleep “props” that we use to get a little shut eye will backfire at some point! If you have reached that point with your baby’s sleep, you are seeing inconsistent naps and nighttimes. You may have been told that they will “grow out of it”.  Commonly, parents find that even 3 to 5 years later their child is still not able to sleep a full, consistent night on their own - without repeated “help” from Mom or Dad.  Let's change this today! 

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